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PROVolitans Plug-And-Play concept with 3m cord allows anyone to simply mount the luminaire and plug it in - no electricians or tool boxes required.

Even thou we can offer wide range of control systems, all luminaires can be operated simply by plugging them to power outlet. You don´t have to have to have degree in engineering to install and operate PROVolitans.

Models with internal driver are connected directly to mains.

Models with external drivers have same, 3 meter long cord between luminaire and driver and instead of plugging the luminaire to mains, user will plug the driver. Drivers are designed to withstand the same surrounding conditions as the luminaires and can be installed in close proximity. Installation orientation is not significant, so if you run out of space, you can for example…

All PROVolitans products are designed and manufactured in Finland, responsible to the highest ethical and technical standards in the world.

With its large free open market and well industrialized sector, Finland is a well-developed trading economy with a large part contributed by its manufacturing units. Finnish trade accounts for over one-third of its GDP. The nation’s trade is dominated by high tech products, such as mobile phones. The country ranked 40th in the world, in terms of export volumes, and electronics dominated the exports, accounting more than 23% of the total export volume.

What this means for PROVolitans, is that we are privileged to work with the best on the market. We have emerged with Finnish Lumitar Alt Finland, and we can offer reputable, internationally recognized high-tech solutions to biotope applications around the globe. Because we design and manufacture our own products, we can offer full repair service and replacement parts.

We value our customers. That’s why we want to take care of them also after the delivery.