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Luminaires can be delivered with full controllability. Control systems can be tailored – from simple sunrise-timer all the way to full-scale operating systems.

Every installation is different. Some facilities may need luminaires that can be connected to main controlling system and adjusted centralized. Some facilities need only timer with sunrise and sunset-functions. We can offer both of these, and anything in between. And most importantly – all luminaires can be operated without any controlling systems simply by plugging them to power outlet. You don´t have to have to have degree in engineering to install and operate PROVolitans!

Small control systems consist of single or some luminaires being controlled by the means of simple timer, where operators can set sunrise and sunset timing. This daylight controller includes also random cloud simulation and moon light. Simple controllers can be bought separately, which allows after use of luminaires when they are moved from one exhibit to another.

For larger installation we offer full-scale control system design and construction. Typical control protocols like DMX, KNX, DALI, 1-10V and PWM are all well known within our team, and we can offer design from the start, or we can incorporate PROVolitans luminaires into locally existing systems. Technical design drawings, surveillance of installation as well as troubleshoot-hotline service are all available.

The Array LeS® luminaires are superb when it comes to controllability – their dimming range is from 0-100% and they respond to control signals without delays.

If you have more demands when it comes to controllability, like changing spectrum through-out the day, or special effects lighting, we can always be there for you.

Efficient optics ensure that light always hits the target. PROVolitans can offer good variety of options, suitable for any type of exhibit.

With versatile reflectors and optics we are able to spread the light evenly or focus it on a smaller area. We can highlight all life forms, all the way from the tiniest creatures up to rain forest canopies. For deep ocean exhibits we have developed special narrow optics, for reaching the depths.

With Array LeS® technology light comes from single source, which means that it can be easily optimized, unlike LED technology, which utilizes multiple small individual light sources, which each have their own optics. We automatically offer good variety of optics to choose from, as we know that giving only two or three options is not enough when dealing with biotope engineering.

PROVolitans uses only full-metal reflectors. These can handle the same extreme temperatures as Array LeS® chips, and their reflecting qualities remain stable over years of use. To protect the reflectors from corrosion, wear and UV-radiation we cover them with prime quality quartz glass. Reflecting surfaces are hermetically insulated, and will never require cleaning. Protective glass cover can be washed with regular water, if needed.

Typical biotope installations are demanding for optics. At the same time requirements for light levels and PAR/PUR are strict, but lighting has to remain natural looking and evenly distributed. We at PROVolitans can offer our assistance for solving these issues – it is our daily routine.