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The Self-Cleaning technology allows salt, dust, dirt and leaves to be washed off with regular water. And if something happens – well we thought even of that! Quality is in the details.

Choose never to feel remorse over the postponed lamp maintenance.

In every facility animal care is always prioritized. Even to such extent, that maintenance of luminaires, pumps, valves, gateways etc. is left to the last minute. We at PROVolitans fully understand, that cleaning luminaires is not the first thing on the priority list –and why should it?
Most likely you will not be cleaning the luminaires at all, as the DAFPTM reverse system will prevent the accumulation of dust inside the cooling system and all optics are so well protected, that luminous flux will remain for years. However, all our luminaires are built water washable to allow easy and fast cleaning. In exhibits where use of water is restricted, luminaires can be cleaned with pressurized air.

Ideology of “doing it simple” stretches all the way to spare part design. Drivers, which are the most susceptible parts to wear, are easily changeable with QPD-connectors and require no tools for replacement. Often clients ask us, why are drivers typically the first components to fail. Explanation to this is simple: drivers are luminaires “buffers” towards cold, cruel world. Variations in the peak or RMS voltage, mode distortion or interharmonics of the network strain drivers and eventually lead to failure. We at PROVolitans do our part of the battle by providing best possible components to begin with.

Because we manufacture our own product, we can offer full repair service and replacement parts.

Spectral qualities of Array LeS® are undeniable. Only with PROVolitans you can experience natural, biologically tailored light without making any compromises. Unchanged through the years.

Only PROVolitans and Array LeS® technology allow for uncompromising, sustainable light experiences that will stand the test of time. After years of relentless work in close co-operation with aquariums and zoos we realize that every biotope has a spectrum of its own.

Often the most desired biotope lighting is natural, white light, which is as close to sunlight as possible. However, for some applications spectrum is adjusted: plants may require more red for flowering or corals may need blue end of the spectrum for their zooxanthellae.

With fluorescent tubes and metal halides spectrum shift is conducted by the means of adding different elements to the filler gases. With LED-luminaires spectrum is most often just a combination of different wavelengths produced by different LEDs. White LEDs of several color temperatures are used for natural white exhibits and further adjustments to spectrum are made by adding number of other, narrow spectrum LEDs, like green, violet, blue, or orange.

Traditional light sources lose their intensity and spectrum significantly over time. LED luminaires on the other hand require careful design and understanding of the optics and different wavelengths that are used –otherwise end result is unnatural and may even produce psychedelic rainbow effects. Also, it can be hard to create full spectrum, high color correction (CRI) luminaires with LED-technology.

Array Les® light sources are different. They have superb spectrum to begin with. White Array LeS® can have CRI higher than 90, and different spectral adjustments can be made directly in-house on the chip –which guarantees uniform and natural end result, even in specified products like reef lighting. Also, spectrum of Array LeS ® luminaire is not depleted by the running hours.
With Array LeS® technology the risk of blue light hazard is eliminated, and luminaires deliver both, PAR and PUR in incomparable quantities. Our team has designed several standard spectrums to begin with and these can be adjusted further for special applications. We are especially proud of our natural whites 5000K, 5700K and 6500K. They are all pleasant, high color rendering spectrums and will make you fall in love with white light again.

Good quality lighting will show your exhibits in completely new, inspiring way. This why we encourage our customers to “explore the world, in every detail”.