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Inspired by Black Bird technology, luminaires are equipped with reliable, self-cleaning and fail-proof fans to ensure optimal performance even in continuous ambient temperatures of 70oC degrees.

In lighting, heat management is important. To produce an even amount of light in different environments the luminaire needs to stay cool. Light and heat have always been “hand-in-hand”: the more light you try to produce, the more heat you end up producing on the side.

PROVolitans is proud to use effective dual cooling solution and patented heat transfer profile that its manufacturing partner, LumiTar ALT Finland has created.
Active cooling is implemented by the means of extra silent self-designed fan, which was inspired by Black Bird Airfoil technology. The creator of this design flew The Black Bird himself, and got inspired to re-create the same, reliable and efficient means to move air inside the luminaires. Reliability is maximized with magnetical suspension (FRMB® method) and the DAFPTM reverse will prevent the accumulation of dust inside the cooling systems.

For passive cooling luminaires are equipped with patented heat transfer profile consisting of extra dense anodized aluminum alloy AW 6060-T66.

Unlike conventional LED-luminaires, PROVolitans can handle the heat. Units are engineered to withstand continuous temperatures ranging from -105c to +70c. There is no need to dim down lighting as the temperature rises. Loss of intensity (wear of components) in high temperature does not occur in Array LeS® technology, we feel confident, that PROVolitans is just the right solution for your facility, even when the conditions vary. Even in high temperatures, PROVolitans luminaires provide care-free, safe and reliable light.

With Array LeS technology you can optimize time- and energy consumption. Light bulb changes are thing in the past and staff can concentrate to work with the animals. Direct energy savings are up to 90%.

Savings are a daily topic in every facility we know of. Saving energy while improving working environment and animal wellbeing is of course ideal –and achievable with PROVolitans. Compared to traditional light sources the Array LeS® will provide several advantages that can be measured in money:

• Straight on energy savings up to 90%
• Reduced need for cooling
• No more bulb changes
• Smart use of time for personnel (less time in the ceiling, more time with the animal care)

PROVolitans can also be equipped with smart control, which allows adjustment of light levels as per ambient lighting. This helps to save even more energy in glass ceiling installations.
PROVolitans can also offer energy saving potential when comparing to conventional LED-products. One of the biggest differences between Array LeS® and LED is the fact that Array LeS® can carry light further than LEDs. We have installed our Array LeS products as far as 42 meters from the ground. This is, as far as we know it, almost impossible with current LED solutions. Array LeS® technology utilizes also different wave length and the light comes from one source, which means that it can be optimized with the help of different optics. LED technology utilizes multiple small individual light sources, which each have their own optics, and this leads to loss of luminous flux.

Array LeS®-technology designed to deliver just the right amount of light to exactly right places. LeS® is simply more!