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Light is produced with unified Array LeS® – Light Emitting Surface. Luminaires are small and light-weight yet they can easily produce enough light to replace any old light units.

We use Array LeS® technology to produce light. Array LeS® is registered, exclusive technology that only PROVolitans can offer fully tailored to zoos and aquariums. Array LeS® can be considered as a “next generation LED”, even thou the technological differences are big.

Originally, Array LeS® luminaires were created for places where LED-luminaires simply weren´t an option, like high mast installations or challenging conditions, like steam chambers. Array LeS® can tolerate variety of temperatures and it has much longer lifetime as a component than LED.

Array LeS® can offer spectral qualities that were impossible or simply inefficient to produce with LED. In large luminaires mixing different colors often leads into un-natural shadows or even so-called rainbow-effect in the exhibits and therefor “fine tuning” the spectrum has always been a challenge. With Array LeS® we can create any desired spectrum, and produce large quantities of light originating from small area.

Array LeS® technology is perfect for replacing especially traditional HQI- and other metal halide lamps. In aquariums it creates highly desirable ripple line-effects and in tropicariums and rainforest exhibits it can be installed to high ceiling. Light created with Array LeS® is non-flickering and has particularly high CRI (color rendering index). Creating natural lighting artificially has never been this easy!

Lifetime of Array LeS®-components is unmatched. Array LeS® technology outperforms LED in every ambient temperature. Our Array LeS® chip will produce up to 160 lumens per watt. It is a known fact that LED solutions (as well as metal halides!) lose light intensity over time and the higher the working temperature, the higher the loss is. This loss of intensity does not occur in Array LeS® technology. When inspecting a span of 5 years, LED solutions that have been used 24/7 can barely produce 70 % of their original amount of light.

Units have an IP68-classification. They are not scared of water, steam, rain, blizzard or any of the weather conditions that your biotope may offer.

We at PROVolitans have been working with aquariums, zoos and other similar facilities since 2010. We do not produce luminaires to private customers, because we know that technical solutions that professional animal keepers require differ greatly from private sector. This has led to technical solutions that allow us to make bold claims of being the best on the market.

PROVolitans luminaires can be installed inside or outside, in rain, in snow, in wind, in hail storm –to any imaginable weather conditions. Whether it’s installed into a pouring rain forest, high above a bustling oceanarium or mounted in an arid penguin landscape, PROVolitans luminaires enable us to deliver customized solutions that can endure the most extreme scenarios with maximum reliability.

We know condensating conditions are everyday reality, and not just worst case scenario in oceanariums and reef tanks. We love to be the only ones on the market with full suitability to all conditions.

In some of our luminaires drivers (power sources) are external. However, to make things simple, PROVolitans drivers do not need special installation place from dry area. We make all components, also the external drivers, with same, ambitious attitude of “bring it on”. Just install the drivers next to luminaires and don´t worry.