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PROVolitans was born out of necessity. We realized in 2008 that high intensity discharge bulb technology was not going to last, so we decided to do something about it.
By combining the unique insights from global leading professional aquarists, biologists & horticulturalists, we combined their needs with what we knew about the emerging semiconductor light sources that were starting to hit the market.

Ever since, we have established ourselves as the natural choice when you need a serious lighting partner. Our services range from luminarie manufacturing to control system designing, programming, and on-site commissioning to make sure that your exhibits are easily maintained for years to come, with the lowest possible power consumption.

We do not import technology from China and slap a sticker on them, we take our mission seriously, as you deserve the best – and that’s what we are.


LeS Technology

Get more with LeS

LeS® is the next step in zoological light sources, doing more than LEDs ever could.
More expansive spectral possibilities, longer lifespan, superior energy efficiency, and controllability are some of the aspects that makes it the optimal choice for any animal habitat.

Fit for purpose

Our deep understanding of engineering in heavy-duty industrial circumstances have been crucial in creating equipment that can take the heat and humidity that’s common in many technical spaces. Without it, we couldn’t be able to offer our full five years international warranty, and that would make us just like every other LED supplier on the market. And where’s the fun in that?

Truly full spectrum

You learn a thing or two when you’ve spent over a decade listening to some of the most renowned aquarists and biologists in the world. Their unique needs, technical limitations, and creative curiosity has fueled our drive to innovate and deliver solutions that go far beyond their expectations and sets a new gold standard in zoological lighting.

Product models



The little Giant

Our most popular series, variations of the Ocelot does more than you could possibly imagine. Don’t be fooled by its modest size, it packs a punch.

Replaces 400W HQI or 250W LEDs

Orcinis 2

Twice as Nice

The Orcinis 2 is the perfect option for larger exhibits, where you might need a combination of light sources, or where PAR levels need to be high.

Replaces 800W HQI or 500W LED

Orcinis 4

Things Get Serious

Optimal for exhibits with an extreme installation height, and you’d like to install something you don’t have to ever worry about.

Replaces 1200W HQI or 800W LED

Orcinis 6

Imagine Impossible

The Orcinis 6, best of the best. For when you positively, absolutely need to light every inch of your exhibit.
Accept no substitutes.

Replaces 2000W HQI or 1400W LED


Bahrain Aquarium

The 22m deep, 700 000 liter cylinder tank is lit by only 34 Ocelots, totalling 5.5kW, equipped with extremely narrow optics. A testament to our technology, and an engineering masterpiece.

Paragraph Hotel Resort & Spa

Orcinis 2 luminaries with combined Ultima Blue and Natural White light sources, controlled by our own control system created a unique, dynamic feel in this walk-through aquarium.

Havets Hus Aquarium

Entirely lit with Ocelots, each exhibit with carefully selected light sources to accomodate for the lighting needs of the native species.

Tropikariet Aquarium

A unique tropical coral reef exhibit with black tip reef sharks, where 400W HQIs were easily replaced by the Ocelot.

Toronto Zoo

The horticulture staff were blown away by the performance of the Ocelot and Orcinis 2, after seeing the positive reaction by plants and animals alike.

Sea Life Helsinki

Since 2012, SL Helsinki has seen the true longevity of our technology, with the first installation operational to this day. 90% of their exhibits are lit by PROVolitans.

Bergian Botanical Garden

After having tested multiple LEDs that failed to withstand the heat and humidity, along with the lacking plant growth, the staff finally found LeS and there is no looking back.

Haga Ocean

All exhibits lit by PROVolitans, including the large shark tank and lovely tropical coral exhibit. One of ours oldest clients, with installations from 2012 still operational. A decade of perfect light.


One of our oldest partners, constantly renovating their lighting with Ocelots and Orcinis 2. They know they get more with LeS.

Dubrovnik Aquarium

Completely renovated in 2020-2022, Dubrovnik Aquarium knew that they had to select a true lighting partner in order to make their exhibits stand out.

Baltic Sea Science Center

Opened in 2019, all of the exhibits are lit with the Ocelot, and each of them with a unique profile and unmatched energy efficiency.

Basel Zoo

Achieving the perfect white light was pivotal in selecting a lighting partner for the Basel Zoo aquarium. Needless to say, LeS was the answer.

Ähtäri Zoo

LEDs were initially refused as an option for lighting the new snow panda exhibit at Ähtäri Zoo, but LeS proved entirely suitable to create a unique light environment that now serves as a testament to animal-centric innovation.

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