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The Litte Giant

Compact and powerful
Easy to install
Substitutes up to 400W HQI

Orcinis 2

Twice as Nice

4.3-6.85 kg
Versatile luminaire with internal or external drivers
Substitutes 600W HQI

Orcinis 4

Ready for Challenges

11,6 kg
Small footprint – huge impact
Substitutes 1000 and 1200W HQI

Orcinis 6

Things Get Serious

720 W
17,4 kg
Lightweight and most powerful on the market – Substitutes 2000W HQI

Technical Info

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Technical Information 1+2

Light is produced with unified Array LeS® – Light Emitting Surface. Luminaires are small and light-weight yet they can easily produce enough light to replace any old light units.

We use Array LeS® technology to produce light. Array LeS® is registered, exclusive technology that only PROVolitans can offer fully tailored to zoos and aquariums. Array LeS® can be considered as a “next generation LED”, even thou the technological differences are big.

Originally, Array LeS® luminaires were created for places where LED-luminaires simply weren´t an option, like high mast installations or challenging conditions, like steam chambers. Array LeS® can tolerate variety of temperatures and it has much longer lifetime as a component than LED.

Array LeS® can offer spectral qualities that were impossible or simply inefficient to produce with LED. In large luminaires mixing different colors often leads into un-natural shadows or even so-called rainbow-effect in the exhibits and therefor “fine tuning” the spectrum has always been a challenge. With Array LeS® we can create any desired spectrum, and produce large quantities of light originating from small area.

Array LeS® technology is perfect for replacing especially traditional HQI- and other metal halide lamps. In aquariums it creates highly desirable ripple line-effects and in tropicariums and rainforest exhibits it can be installed to high ceiling. Light created with Array LeS® is non-flickering and has particularly high CRI (color rendering index). Creating natural lighting artificially has never been this easy!

Lifetime of Array LeS®-components is unmatched. Array LeS® technology outperforms LED in every ambient temperature. Our Array LeS® chip will produce up to 160 lumens per watt. It is a known fact that LED solutions (as well as metal halides!) lose light intensity over time and the higher the working temperature, the higher the loss is. This loss of intensity does not occur in Array LeS® technology. When inspecting a span of 5 years, LED solutions that have been used 24/7 can barely produce 70 % of their original amount of light.

Units have an IP68-classification. They are not scared of water, steam, rain, blizzard or any of the weather conditions that your biotope may offer.

We at PROVolitans have been working with aquariums, zoos and other similar facilities since 2010. We do not produce luminaires to private customers, because we know that technical solutions that professional animal keepers require differ greatly from private sector. This has led to technical solutions that allow us to make bold claims of being the best on the market.

PROVolitans luminaires can be installed inside or outside, in rain, in snow, in wind, in hail storm –to any imaginable weather conditions. Whether it’s installed into a pouring rain forest, high above a bustling oceanarium or mounted in an arid penguin landscape, PROVolitans luminaires enable us to deliver customized solutions that can endure the most extreme scenarios with maximum reliability.

We know condensating conditions are everyday reality, and not just worst case scenario in oceanariums and reef tanks. We love to be the only ones on the market with full suitability to all conditions.

In some of our luminaires drivers (power sources) are external. However, to make things simple, PROVolitans drivers do not need special installation place from dry area. We make all components, also the external drivers, with same, ambitious attitude of “bring it on”. Just install the drivers next to luminaires and don´t worry.

Technical Information 3+4

Inspired by Black Bird technology, luminaires are equipped with reliable, self-cleaning and fail-proof fans to ensure optimal performance even in continuous ambient temperatures of 70oC degrees.

In lighting, heat management is important. To produce an even amount of light in different environments the luminaire needs to stay cool. Light and heat have always been “hand-in-hand”: the more light you try to produce, the more heat you end up producing on the side.

PROVolitans is proud to use effective dual cooling solution and patented heat transfer profile that its manufacturing partner, LumiTar ALT Finland has created.
Active cooling is implemented by the means of extra silent self-designed fan, which was inspired by Black Bird Airfoil technology. The creator of this design flew The Black Bird himself, and got inspired to re-create the same, reliable and efficient means to move air inside the luminaires. Reliability is maximized with magnetical suspension (FRMB® method) and the DAFPTM reverse will prevent the accumulation of dust inside the cooling systems.

For passive cooling luminaires are equipped with patented heat transfer profile consisting of extra dense anodized aluminum alloy AW 6060-T66.

Unlike conventional LED-luminaires, PROVolitans can handle the heat. Units are engineered to withstand continuous temperatures ranging from -105c to +70c. There is no need to dim down lighting as the temperature rises. Loss of intensity (wear of components) in high temperature does not occur in Array LeS® technology, we feel confident, that PROVolitans is just the right solution for your facility, even when the conditions vary. Even in high temperatures, PROVolitans luminaires provide care-free, safe and reliable light.

With Array LeS technology you can optimize time- and energy consumption. Light bulb changes are thing in the past and staff can concentrate to work with the animals. Direct energy savings are up to 90%.

Savings are a daily topic in every facility we know of. Saving energy while improving working environment and animal wellbeing is of course ideal –and achievable with PROVolitans. Compared to traditional light sources the Array LeS® will provide several advantages that can be measured in money:

• Straight on energy savings up to 90%
• Reduced need for cooling
• No more bulb changes
• Smart use of time for personnel (less time in the ceiling, more time with the animal care)

PROVolitans can also be equipped with smart control, which allows adjustment of light levels as per ambient lighting. This helps to save even more energy in glass ceiling installations.
PROVolitans can also offer energy saving potential when comparing to conventional LED-products. One of the biggest differences between Array LeS® and LED is the fact that Array LeS® can carry light further than LEDs. We have installed our Array LeS products as far as 42 meters from the ground. This is, as far as we know it, almost impossible with current LED solutions. Array LeS® technology utilizes also different wave length and the light comes from one source, which means that it can be optimized with the help of different optics. LED technology utilizes multiple small individual light sources, which each have their own optics, and this leads to loss of luminous flux.

Array LeS®-technology designed to deliver just the right amount of light to exactly right places. LeS® is simply more!

Technical Information 5+6

The Self-Cleaning technology allows salt, dust, dirt and leaves to be washed off with regular water. And if something happens – well we thought even of that! Quality is in the details.

Choose never to feel remorse over the postponed lamp maintenance.

In every facility animal care is always prioritized. Even to such extent, that maintenance of luminaires, pumps, valves, gateways etc. is left to the last minute. We at PROVolitans fully understand, that cleaning luminaires is not the first thing on the priority list –and why should it?
Most likely you will not be cleaning the luminaires at all, as the DAFPTM reverse system will prevent the accumulation of dust inside the cooling system and all optics are so well protected, that luminous flux will remain for years. However, all our luminaires are built water washable to allow easy and fast cleaning. In exhibits where use of water is restricted, luminaires can be cleaned with pressurized air.

Ideology of “doing it simple” stretches all the way to spare part design. Drivers, which are the most susceptible parts to wear, are easily changeable with QPD-connectors and require no tools for replacement. Often clients ask us, why are drivers typically the first components to fail. Explanation to this is simple: drivers are luminaires “buffers” towards cold, cruel world. Variations in the peak or RMS voltage, mode distortion or interharmonics of the network strain drivers and eventually lead to failure. We at PROVolitans do our part of the battle by providing best possible components to begin with.

Because we manufacture our own product, we can offer full repair service and replacement parts.

Spectral qualities of Array LeS® are undeniable. Only with PROVolitans you can experience natural, biologically tailored light without making any compromises. Unchanged through the years.

Only PROVolitans and Array LeS® technology allow for uncompromising, sustainable light experiences that will stand the test of time. After years of relentless work in close co-operation with aquariums and zoos we realize that every biotope has a spectrum of its own.

Often the most desired biotope lighting is natural, white light, which is as close to sunlight as possible. However, for some applications spectrum is adjusted: plants may require more red for flowering or corals may need blue end of the spectrum for their zooxanthellae.

With fluorescent tubes and metal halides spectrum shift is conducted by the means of adding different elements to the filler gases. With LED-luminaires spectrum is most often just a combination of different wavelengths produced by different LEDs. White LEDs of several color temperatures are used for natural white exhibits and further adjustments to spectrum are made by adding number of other, narrow spectrum LEDs, like green, violet, blue, or orange.

Traditional light sources lose their intensity and spectrum significantly over time. LED luminaires on the other hand require careful design and understanding of the optics and different wavelengths that are used –otherwise end result is unnatural and may even produce psychedelic rainbow effects. Also, it can be hard to create full spectrum, high color correction (CRI) luminaires with LED-technology.

Array Les® light sources are different. They have superb spectrum to begin with. White Array LeS® can have CRI higher than 90, and different spectral adjustments can be made directly in-house on the chip –which guarantees uniform and natural end result, even in specified products like reef lighting. Also, spectrum of Array LeS ® luminaire is not depleted by the running hours.
With Array LeS® technology the risk of blue light hazard is eliminated, and luminaires deliver both, PAR and PUR in incomparable quantities. Our team has designed several standard spectrums to begin with and these can be adjusted further for special applications. We are especially proud of our natural whites 5000K, 5700K and 6500K. They are all pleasant, high color rendering spectrums and will make you fall in love with white light again.

Good quality lighting will show your exhibits in completely new, inspiring way. This why we encourage our customers to “explore the world, in every detail”.

Technical Information 7+8

Luminaires can be delivered with full controllability. Control systems can be tailored – from simple sunrise-timer all the way to full-scale operating systems.

Every installation is different. Some facilities may need luminaires that can be connected to main controlling system and adjusted centralized. Some facilities need only timer with sunrise and sunset-functions. We can offer both of these, and anything in between. And most importantly – all luminaires can be operated without any controlling systems simply by plugging them to power outlet. You don´t have to have to have degree in engineering to install and operate PROVolitans!

Small control systems consist of single or some luminaires being controlled by the means of simple timer, where operators can set sunrise and sunset timing. This daylight controller includes also random cloud simulation and moon light. Simple controllers can be bought separately, which allows after use of luminaires when they are moved from one exhibit to another.

For larger installation we offer full-scale control system design and construction. Typical control protocols like DMX, KNX, DALI, 1-10V and PWM are all well known within our team, and we can offer design from the start, or we can incorporate PROVolitans luminaires into locally existing systems. Technical design drawings, surveillance of installation as well as troubleshoot-hotline service are all available.

The Array LeS® luminaires are superb when it comes to controllability – their dimming range is from 0-100% and they respond to control signals without delays.

If you have more demands when it comes to controllability, like changing spectrum through-out the day, or special effects lighting, we can always be there for you.

Efficient optics ensure that light always hits the target. PROVolitans can offer good variety of options, suitable for any type of exhibit.

With versatile reflectors and optics we are able to spread the light evenly or focus it on a smaller area. We can highlight all life forms, all the way from the tiniest creatures up to rain forest canopies. For deep ocean exhibits we have developed special narrow optics, for reaching the depths.

With Array LeS® technology light comes from single source, which means that it can be easily optimized, unlike LED technology, which utilizes multiple small individual light sources, which each have their own optics. We automatically offer good variety of optics to choose from, as we know that giving only two or three options is not enough when dealing with biotope engineering.

PROVolitans uses only full-metal reflectors. These can handle the same extreme temperatures as Array LeS® chips, and their reflecting qualities remain stable over years of use. To protect the reflectors from corrosion, wear and UV-radiation we cover them with prime quality quartz glass. Reflecting surfaces are hermetically insulated, and will never require cleaning. Protective glass cover can be washed with regular water, if needed.

Typical biotope installations are demanding for optics. At the same time requirements for light levels and PAR/PUR are strict, but lighting has to remain natural looking and evenly distributed. We at PROVolitans can offer our assistance for solving these issues – it is our daily routine.

Technical Information 9+10

PROVolitans Plug-And-Play concept with 3m cord allows anyone to simply mount the luminaire and plug it in - no electricians or tool boxes required.

Even thou we can offer wide range of control systems, all luminaires can be operated simply by plugging them to power outlet. You don´t have to have to have degree in engineering to install and operate PROVolitans.

Models with internal driver are connected directly to mains.

Models with external drivers have same, 3 meter long cord between luminaire and driver and instead of plugging the luminaire to mains, user will plug the driver. Drivers are designed to withstand the same surrounding conditions as the luminaires and can be installed in close proximity. Installation orientation is not significant, so if you run out of space, you can for example…

All PROVolitans products are designed and manufactured in Finland, responsible to the highest ethical and technical standards in the world.

With its large free open market and well industrialized sector, Finland is a well-developed trading economy with a large part contributed by its manufacturing units. Finnish trade accounts for over one-third of its GDP. The nation’s trade is dominated by high tech products, such as mobile phones. The country ranked 40th in the world, in terms of export volumes, and electronics dominated the exports, accounting more than 23% of the total export volume.

What this means for PROVolitans, is that we are privileged to work with the best on the market. We have emerged with Finnish Lumitar Alt Finland, and we can offer reputable, internationally recognized high-tech solutions to biotope applications around the globe. Because we design and manufacture our own products, we can offer full repair service and replacement parts.

We value our customers. That’s why we want to take care of them also after the delivery.

Technical Information 11

Turn-key solutions around the globe. We are specialized in delivering full-scale solutions for lighting and visitor experiences. We would love to work with you!

PROVolitans is always ready for real challenges!

For large projects we can offer luminaires of all spaces (also for visitor spaces, maintenance areas, quarantine etc.), Dialux-based modeling, control systems, user interphases, technical diagrams and drawings, installation surveillance, certification, training services and even help with the financing.

Do not hesitate to contact us, when you feel that you need a partner that can truly deliver.



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